Stair Riser Calculator
Notes: Before you begin you'll need to gather some imformation from your local building officials. You will need to know what the code requirements for rise and run of stairs are in your location. The example numbers contained in this spreadsheet are only an example. You must know what code requirements must be met in your location.
If you're interested in reading more about building a set of stairs please visit:
Input Section (Enter values in the blue boxes)
Total Height of Stairs Required inches
Local Maximum Riser Height inches
Local Minimum Riser Height inches
Local Minimum Tread Depth (run) inches
Local Minimum Tread Overhang inches
Local Maximum Tread Overhang inches
Calculations (Do Not Enter Data)
First Calculation of number of risers = inches
Actual rounded number of risers = risers Run
Actual Riser Height Needed = inches Rise
Code Check Riser Height Within Allowables =
Tread Depth (with min. overhang) Rise
Tread Depth (with max. overhang)
Note: If the code run is 10", a 5/4 x 12 works well at 11.25"
Stair Design Summary
Run = inches
Rise = inches
Number of Risers = risers
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