Hello and thank you for visiting my website.  I am happy you have found interest in the concept, and I will try to assist you in having a comfortable experience with this effort of running your company exactly like was shown in the video.  As mentioned in the video you may have seen on

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Accountability-Transparency Made Easy

  I have over the years also been challenged in running an efficient business with a budget that can remain sustainable until now.  I have grouped 7 different software to work together so one could experience the very thing you saw in the video.  Like I said, this is the whole kit in the caboodle, if that’s a word.  Anyway, check out some more videos, and click on the links that may be of interest to you on this site.  I recommend downloading the free tools to get started.  After doing so, drop me a email and I will get you on the right track.  I am using the tool daily, and should be able to answer any questions you may have at SolidBuildersInc@Hotmail.com  Thanks Again for your interest.  Davis Rogers Jr.


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Micro Management Ghantt System

$ 299.95 USD

This is for a Single License. 

Add $200.00 for each additional license for a Network.

Additional Software is required to get the results as shown in video.  Please email if interested.

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